Light xpBoost Lightsaber – Silver

$169.99 $139.99

Get this great custom lightsaber and Level Up your Game.


  • Heavy dueling
  • Button push color change
  • Blaster deflect sound trigger
  • Lock up sound and visual effect
  • Flash on clash visual effect
  • Multiple sound fonts
  • In hilt recharge


Quick Details
Hilt Material: Aluminium alloy 6063
Blade Material:  Polycarbonate blade

Size of hilt:  11.5 in

Size of blade:  36.2 in long and 1 in diameter

LED Light:  12Watts RGB LED

Color of hilt:  Silver
Color of blade:  Infinite color customization
Battery:  3000Mah 18650 3.7V safety battery
Battery Safety System:  Over load system, Over discharge system
Speaker:  2-3Watts,4/8 ohm great quality
Sound Styles: Dark Legacy, Ancient Saber, Falen Order, Dark Father, Legacy, Hero Flex

Function:  For fun, Cosplay, gift, Lightsaber Training, Sport, Swordsmanship

Feature:  Heavy dueling, blaster deflect, lock up, flash on clash, multiple sound fonts, in hilt recharge


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